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Download the Extra lives mod apk unlimited money and get yourself equipped with the skills to survive in a city full of deadly zombies.
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Download the Extra lives mod apk unlimited money and get yourself equipped with the skills to survive in a city full of deadly zombies.


Introduction of Extra Lives Mod Apk

APPExtra Lives
Requirements5.0 and up

The extra lives mod apk is an alternative and modded apk version of the initial game. This is the crazy side-scroller action survival gameplay with the zombie attack. In this version, the user can get all the premium features, and unlock characters, locations, and items that are available in the real version for free.


Just like Westland survival mod apk, you can design your characters with all open accessories. Also, upgrade your tools and weapons. For the needs of users, they can do free shopping from the store and purchase the tools of the great game levels. This extra lives apk doesn’t need rooting mobile while installing the app. There are no irritating ads. All of them are blocked and eliminated from the game.

The game gives you several options for playing. It’s 200+ different characters for users. They are divided into eight unique clusters. Every character comes with a special technique and perspective to play the game. The location exists for the players to obtain their final goal. All these alternatives can become more interesting after you transfer it to the Extra Lives Apk Mod version.


The Extra Lives Mod is for those gamers who are interested in exciting mobile action gameplay. Now you can enjoy the action game in the mod apk version, which contributes the best in-game features. In the game, you can survive as a player and save the devastated world from zombies as you did before in Super City mod apk. Also, unlock all the awesome events and join the different stories for victory. Start your first battle with your opponent and defeat them.

However, the Mdickie Extra Lives mod apk can offer users an action and different in-game locations for users to freely excavate. Locate yourself and easily interact with the hundreds of different in-game disputes to get exciting gameplay. The most important thing is that users can engage in battle with funky war energies and gameplay will make this mod apk diverse from others. Thus, it can allow you to enjoy the thrilling story gameplay of actions to the fullest.

Extra Lives Mod Apk – Activities 

As you all know the extra lives mod apk is an action and the modded version. You can get many amazing features and functions in the game. You have to save the world from one virus of zombies which is infected all over the world. Also, the 200+ characters to choose which are incredible enter with their skills and talent to deal with the virus.

Users can also have to explore the many different locations and modes to discover and play. You can also design your character outlook just like you did in ark survival evolved mod apk with the available accessories like outfits, color, hair, and much more. The interface with all these premium features is simple to utilize. So, extra lives apk download now and enjoy the fun experience.

Features of Extra Lives Mod Apk 2024:

The Extra Lives game download offers all the best premium features that are available in the mod version. Here are some we have discussed below;

Save the World From the Virus

You have to save the world from the deadly virus which can infect human players and make them zombies. Users will prepare all the tools and defeat them all intelligently and without wasting bullets. There are numerous extra survivors like you in the game, you can interact with them and together kill all the zombies.


200+ Characters

In Extra Lives mod apk vip unlocked, you can get 200+ characters to choose from with their outstanding skills and talent to deal with enemies. Just like in the swordigo mod apk, in this game, you can choose as you want at the start and after playing the game you can get the points reward that will help the players to unlock more characters.


Many Modes To Play

In Extra Lives mod apk unlimited health users can get the variant modes of the infected virus gameplay where they can get many modes to play. Survival is best and most liked by the players. Defeat all the zombies and other opponents as your survival priority mode. The deathmatch mode is different from other fights. This mode gives you the ability to change the modes of the gameplay as you want.


Unlimited Health

Every player wants extra health and doesn’t want to be knocked out very quickly. So this apk mod offers unlimited health and you will get unlimited health while competing with the zombies. So you can play this game without any fear of dying.


Free To Play

All the in-game features and gameplay is free to play for Android users. You can easily confront yourself in the incredible fighting experience. There is no payment required for it.

Sound & Visual Quality

3D Graphics

Everyone wants amazing visual quality while playing the game. In which they can immerse themselves in the gleeful action game. The user can get the 3D graphics with the best visual experience. This will make the game more interesting for the users.

Sound & Music

The game offers the in-game sound feature which has soothing audio for the fighting experience. As a result, the user can immediately engage with the gameplay.

What’s More?

  • Improved Compatibility with the latest devices.
  • New Unlock Locations.
  • Updated Characters.
  • Bug Fixes & Optimization. 

Playing Tips of Extra Lives Mod Apk 2024

This is the cracked version of the extra lives game which is popular with mod apk. You can use all the premium features of the actual version of this game. At first, stay away from the big fights so you can not lose your health fast. Also, avoid fighting if the zombies are near you.

There is no sleep when the zombie apocalypse. You have to fight and survive the zombies. Also the guns you can use while fighting doesn’t have unlimited ammo. You can use ammo carefully. By using all these tricks users can get an amazing experience.

User Reviews

Review By – Jan-Daniel Naude

Best game I have ever played in my life. Great graphics, great compatibility, great gameplay perfect for quick play with deathmatch, great logic, great characters, and overall good price for the paid version. I would recommend this to everyone. Though, there are no ads or bugs. Highly recommended!

Review By – Noor Duffle

The game concept is one of my favorites, the exploding limbs, the interactions, the people, and the music in the right places. In general, the game deserves 5 stars. The game has 5 buttons in the bottom right corner making it annoying for the new players that have no idea which button is good for playing. I suggest making a quick craft button when two craft items are next to each other. Thank You.

Review By – Marissa Tredez

Very fun game. Can you do it offline too and that makes it even better? I love the pooping limbs, bursting heads, and blood on the ground that takes too long to disappear. It’s thrilling and I don’t want to say immersive, but that’s what it’s been like for me. You can drive cars and motorbikes, and you can go to many different locations, like the school, church, train station, graveyard, barn, sewers, Chinatown, and more. I love chainsaws- deal lots of damage!

How To Download Extra Lives Mod Apk 2024?

The Extra Lives Mod is very simple and easy to use for beginners. It can be easily downloaded from various platforms. We have already added the app’s download link along with its usage guide. However, once you’ve completed the usage instructions, you’ll be able to access the download option. Simply click and it will begin to download to your device.

Once the extra lives download is complete, go to your phone’s file manager, select it, and install it. A popup window may show on your screen asking you to approve installation from unknown sources. Don’t be concerned; just keep going. The app will install and be ready to use after some time.

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With our latest extra lives mod version, you can get access to a series of extra lives hacks, without any ads disturbance. Just click on the download link and it will start downloading on your device.

The extra lives mod apk download is consistently getting great outcomes by further developing its point of interaction for each opportunity as they have a remarkable plan. It is free of cost without the annoyance of unwanted ads and popups.

Conclusions: Extra Lives Mod Apk

The Life or die mod apk is the survival game in which gamers can survive and save the world from the virus. That’s why it has millions of downloads and is highly recommended by players. The gameplay has several alternatives to attraction with the players, like 200+ characters, exploring locations, and amazing upgrade modes and items. You should find all these factors enjoyable. So download this extra lives zombie survival sim mod apk now and share the best gameplay with your friends.


Q: What is the motive for the extra lives mod apk?

A: This is a new zombie mod apk game. In this game, you can keep up as long as possible with the brainless zombies and the opponents.

Q: Is this Extra Lives mod apk download for free?

A: Yes, this mod back of the original version is free to download and play.

Q: How can we get unlimited health in the game?

A: For getting free unlimited health you can download the Extra Lives mod apk unlimited health version on the mobile. So you can get unlimited health while playing the game.

Q: How can we get rid of the zombies?

A: If you want to get rid of the irritating zombies. You can turn it back into a human with the use of a syringe of poison.

Q: How can we get extra life cheats?

A: You can get extra live hacks by playing with the modified versions.