Terms and Conditions

You can find hundreds and thousands of free android apps on our digital PlayStation at apktreee.com. It is important that all participants, including you, acknowledge some common terms and conditions so that it is safer and more useful for you.

Our Terms and Conditions

The Middle East Asian company Apktreee Inc. offers the service known as Apk Treee. Visit our contact website for details on how to reach Apktreee.

You must abide by all rules outlined on this website, including our Privacy Policy, in order to view it. Please attentively peruse these terms and conditions.

Please stop using our services if you do not agree unless you change your mind.

Your Rights

  • No permission to use our terms and Conditions

The fact that you use our services does not mean that you have any kind of ownership interest in the data you access or in our services. Unless the content owner has granted you approval to do so, you are not allowed to use any material from our services. You are not permitted to make use of any of our services’ trademarks or emblems under these conditions. You must not delete, obscure, or change any legal notices that are displayed in or linked to our services.

If non-Apktreee content uses our service, the content author is solely responsible for that particular piece of content. If we have a good reason to believe that the content is unlawful or breaches our policies, we may examine it to see if it can be removed or not shown. It is logical to assume that such material is illegitimate or against our rules. Don’t anticipate us reviewing the content, though; this does not mean that we will.

In conjunction with your use of the service, we might send you management notifications, service notices, and other information. You have the option of receiving or not receiving some of these messages.

Mobile devices that support some of our services should be used in a way that doesn’t divert your attention from the task at hand or interfere with your ability to obey traffic or safety regulations.

You have the option to discontinue using our service at any time. Despite the fact that we shall miss you, as well as others.

Protect your Privacy

Our Privacy Policy describes how we manage your confidential data and protect your privacy when you use our services. By using our services, you consent to Apktreee’s use of your personal information in compliance with our privacy policies.

Your Content in our Services

Through a few of our services, you can share, receive, send, archive, and post material. You continue to own all intellectual property rights associated with such material. In other terms, you will always own whatever you possess.

When you upload, archive, send, or receive content to or through our services, publicly communicate with, publish, perform, display, and distribute such content, you grant Apk treee (and the people we work with) a worldwide license to use, serve as your home page, store, reproduce, adapt, and create derivative works (such as derivative works from translations, adaptations, or other changes we make so that your content performs better with Translation).

The only rights you grant us under this license are the ones we need to run, promote, enhance, and create new services. This license shall survive your termination of use of our services. (for example, an article on photography you post).

In order to offer personalized product features like personalized search results, tailored ads, and spam and malware prevention, our automated technology analyses your content (including email). This study occurs prior to the transfer, receipt, or storage of information.

Our Disclaimer

We want you to enjoy yourself in this area. But there are some things about our services that we can’t promise. Unless specifically mentioned otherwise in these terms and conditions.

In addition to non-infringement and fitness for a particular purpose, certain countries also include implicit warranties of merchantability and appropriateness for a specific purpose. To the greatest degree permitted by law, we renounce any guarantees.

We created the framework, so we can’t be blamed for any data that customers submit.

We disclaim all responsibility for any harm brought on by using our service or getting files from it.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change

You can’t wear a top all the time; neither can we. We also acknowledge that this clause may need to be modified at any moment, and we have the right to do so. And in order to continue using it, you must accept our modifications.