Terms and Conditions

1. Introduce

We apktreee.com warmly welcome you to our digital PlayStation where you will enjoy hundreds and thousands of best android apps. To make it more safe and useful for you we need to have some common terms and conditions for all participants including you.

2. Our Terms and Conditions

Apktreee is a service provided by Apktreee Inc, based in Middle East Asia. For information on how to contact Apktreee, please visit our contact page.

By accessing this website, you must comply with all policies set forth on this site and including our Privacy Policy. Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

If you do not accept, please do not continue to use our services, unless you decide to rethink.

3. Your Rights

No permission to use our terms and Conditions

Use of our services does not Imply that you own any intellectual property rights in our services or the information you access. You may not utilize content from our services unless the content owner has given you permission to do so. These terms do not give you permission to use any of our services’ trademarks or logos. Any legal notices are displaying in or related to our services should not remove, obscure, or alter.

If some non-Apktreee content displays our service, this content will be the sole responsibility of the content owner. We may review content to see if it is illegal or violates our policies, and we may remove or refuse to show content if we have a primary basis for doing so. It is reasonable to think that such content is illegal or in violation of our policies. However, this does not imply that we will review the content; therefore, do not expect us to do so. 

We may send you service announcements, administrative messages, and other information in connection with your use of the Service. You can choose whether or not to receive certain of these communications.

Mobile devices which support some of our services, use the services in a way that does not cause you to be distracted and prevents you from following safety or traffic rules.

You have the option to discontinue using our service at any time. Despite the fact that we shall miss you, as well as others.

4. Protect your privacy

When you use our services, our Privacy Policy outlines how we handle your personal data and safeguards your privacy. By using our services, you consent to Apktreee’s use of your personal information in compliance with our privacy policies.

5. Your Content in our Services

You can upload, archive, send, or receive content through certain of our services. Any intellectual property rights you hold in relation to such content remain yours. In other words, whatever you own will always be yours.

You grant Apk treee (and the people we work with) a worldwide license to use, serve as your home page, store, reproduce, adapt, and create derivative works (such as derivative works from translations, adaptations, or other changes we make in order for your content to perform better with Translation) when you upload, archive, send, or receive content to or through our services, publically communicate, publish, perform, display, and distribute such content.

The rights you give in this license are limited to operating, marketing, and improving our services, as well as developing new ones. Even if you cease using our services, this license will remain in force (for example, an article on photography you post).

Our automated technology analyses your material (including email) to deliver customized product features including personalized search results, custom advertisements, and spam and malware detection. When content will transfer, receive, or store, this analysis takes place.

6. Our Disclaimer

We hope you have a good time on this playground. However, there are some aspects of our services that we cannot guarantee. Unless otherwise stated in these terms and conditions.

Certain jurisdictions include implied assurances of merchantability and suitability for a particular purpose, as well as non-infringement and fitness for a certain purpose. We disclaim any guarantees to the fullest extent permissible by law.

Because we set the stage, we cannot be held liable for any information provided by users.

We are not liable for any damages incurred as a result of using our service or downloading content from it.

7. Terms and Conditions are subject to change

You cannot wear a shirt forever, we too. And we also recognize that this provision also needs to be changed at any time, and we are entitled to do so. And you will have to agree to our changes to continue using it.